Deloitte Centre for The Edge- Australia

In Pete Williams, Chief Edge Officer’s , words:

From Australia HQ:

The focus for The Centre for the Edge in Australia will involve a combination of Australian-led research topics of unique interest to Australia and Asia Pacific, as well as co-releasing research outputs on topics of universal significance from the US Centre for the Edge

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From US HQ

The Center for the Edge, part of Deloitte LLP, helps senior executives make sense of and profit from emerging opportunities on the edge of business and technology. What is created on the edge of the competitive landscape—in terms of technology, geography, demographics, markets—inevitably strikes at the very heart of a business. Our mission is to identify and explore emerging opportunities related to big shifts that aren’t yet on the senior management agenda, but ought to be. While we’re focused on long-term trends and opportunities, we are equally focused on implications for near-term action, the day-to-day environment of executives.

You can learn and find out more about our research and unique perspective here. 
Learn more:

Find us on Twitter to keep updated with latest research. resources, and information – @dc4e

Follow our Chief Edge Officer, Pete Williams – @rexster


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